The Treasure of Peril Island

An adventure novel for teens

 "The Treasure of Peril Island is a rollicking good yarn!"

- K.Z., Reader's Favorite

Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars

Goodreads Rating: 4.3 stars


"C.W. James takes the reader on an engaging, adventure-packed tale of a life-changing journey
involving an impoverished young boy, a mysterious pirate, and buried treasure."

Overall Rating = 4.58

- Sublime Book Reviews

"The Treasure of Peril Island is a swashbuckling fantasy that is consistently entertaining. If you’re a reader looking for a quintessential pirate adventure story, then you’ll have plenty  to enjoy in C.W. James' well crafted novel."

- Literary Titan

"The author has crafted a fun and engaging story line that will hold readers' interest from beginning to end. The story unfolds at a quick and steady pace, sustaining intrigue throughout. (James) excels at creating lively, substantive, and memorable characters. Particularly noteworthy is Jack, a sympathetic and smart protagonist that the reader roots for from the start."

Overall Rating: 9/10 stars

- BookLife Prize